Tuesday, July 21, 2015

real life and salad dressing ;)

So I absolutely hate when people start "dieting" and say things like well I guess I am going to have to eat this salad dry, or I won't be able to eat anything good anymore. just as an example.

           Believe it or not when you switch to healthier lifestyle if you look hard enough you will find an alternative for just about anything!  Salad dressing is something most dieters look at as evil, but as I've learned more and more about food I've realized you can have your cake and eat it too!

simple tips -
 #1 -  steer clear of any dressing with more than 9 grams of fat. that's still pretty high but beware of the double digit zone !
#2. look for dressings that naturally help you take in more vitamins from the veggies.

#3. Every time I buy a creamy dressing the first thing I do when I open it, is poor about an inch of water in it. I swear they are made so thick just so you over eat it and buy more sooner. the water does not change the taste but makes the dressing go farther ! ( less calories in the end)

#3 don't be fooled that vinaigrettes  are ALWAYS healthier. you have to be careful because some brands pack so much sugar in them you might as well as had your favorite creamy dressing !

             ♥ Live Life Happy and Healthy ♥

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