Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Healthy Cheese and Turkey Wrap

1 whole grain wrap( I use gluten free brown rice wraps)

2 Tbsp. Roasted Red Pepper hummus

5 slices of cucumber

1 slice of provolone cheese

slices of red onion to taste

handful of spinach

3 thinly sliced pieces of turkey.

Place it in the wrap and enjoy!

Side Note:    I also turned them into pinwheels for a cute lunch idea at work. Either way you put it, it is simply delicious.

Second side note:  If you are looking to stay low carb, these are just as yummy with or without the wrap, just use the turkey as a wrap!

Disclaimer : These will be addicting, I suggest consulting myfitnesspal  before inhaling 5 of these to avoid over consumption.

  ♥ Live life happy and healthy ♥

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