Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's the little things❤️

Today was just a great day ! It started out by me and my husband curt confirming that we won a trip to peurto Rico , followed by shopping and a little family time.

        It was a great day, but it was also a rest day for me.  Normally I struggle with eating healthy on days I don't workout , however today  was different. My day was so filled that we also had to eat dinner way to late, and despite how bad I just wanted to order pizza with curt, I opted for a side salad with tuna.  It's the little choices we make everyday that will get people where they wanna be.

 So many people think two incorrect thoughts
#1 that becoming the best version of you happens over night
         It doesn't, it's the choice you make daily that shape you and your life. There's no quick gimmick that can get you where you wanna be. It's hard work and dedication to having a happy healthy life.

#2. That dieting actually works.
     I know I'm only 22 but I have yet to meet someone who has dieted and actually kept the weight off. If it isn't a lifestyle chances are it will be gone by the time the holidays role around and you haven't actually learned how to enjoy treats here and there, so you just give up.

I know I didn't give in and have pizza but even if I had it wouldn't have been the end of the world. That's the best part about eating clean. You can have a treat here and there because afterwards you go right back to your life of eating healthy foods.

All in all today was great, and I'm so thankful for the days I get to spend with my husband !

                 ❤️  Live life happy and healthy. ❤️

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